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Volunteer Program

Are you interested in getting involved and showing support for the autism community?  At BAC, we provide individualized volunteer opportunities, hands-on experiences, as well as leadership opportunities for people who give their time and effort. While volunteering at a school like BAC can be a hugely rewarding experience, it’s success is dependent on a dedication to consistency and commitment. We are well known for having hard working, caring, reliable and friendly volunteers. Our volunteers are what set us apart from other organizations.
Here are some basic questions to ask yourself before considering to be a volunteer.
*Do you have time to spare over an extended period of time?
*Do you know how you could best contribute as a volunteer?
*Are you enthusiastic about supporting the Brooklyn Autism Center and the autism community?
*Are you interested in making a difference in the world of autism and in the lives of children with autism?
Consider the following types of volunteer opportunities:
Peer Socialization
BAC’s peer socialization programs focus on friendship building and are designed to foster social interaction and communication between children with autism and their typically developing peers. This program teaches typical students the unique and complex challenges children on the spectrum experience. Volunteers learn mentoring skills, problem solving techniques, how to give direction and reinforcement, and how to manage through challenging situations.
Fundraising Events
BAC engages in fundraising through events, foundation and matching grants, individual giving, and planned giving. Fundraising is critical to cover program deficits, enhance offerings to students and their families, and ensure long-term financial stability for our school.  Fundraising opportunities include: joining a special event planning committee, soliciting for prizes and sponsorships, or create your own fundraising activity.  Previous examples include bake sales, jewelry parties, Mitzvah projects, community rides, 5K sponsorships and private events.
Become an Autism Ambassador in your community
Ambassadors can be from all walks of life but they all share an interest in autism and a passion to raise awareness and understanding. They are individuals concerned about autism and motivated to raise awareness in their neighborhoods, workplaces, schools, and local communities. They are willing to lend their name to our ambitions, help us spread awareness and understanding through education, help us to attract support from a wide and varied audience, and eager to help us raise our profile and funds when needed.
Contribute by Talent or Service
If you feel you have a special talent you would like to contribute, let us know!
For more information about becoming a BAC volunteer, please contact Jana Levin (