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Vocational Skills


When a student enters their teenage years, we begin discussions with our families to develop specific vocational goals. We work closely with our parents to help determine the overall vision for their child’s life. These important discussions help guide and assist BAC in developing individualized curriculum to address the areas of vocational skills and independence that will create a path leading towards their ultimate objectives. 
We assess each student for strengths, likes, dislikes, and unique interests to create a curriculum rich in skill development and functional skills. Students may go through a period of job sampling at the school to gauge their level of interest, relevance, and proficiency. Some students are matched with volunteer positions in the community, working under the support and direction of our instructors. These volunteer opportunities offer students important work experience and social skills, along with an invaluable sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.
These programs help our older students develop essential skills that may enable them to obtain paying jobs and achieve greater independence. Some students will follow a transition process to identify and secure a place of employment, while others will increase independence for a better quality of life.