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Dear Julie - I've been getting a lot of good feedback from my directors, my clients' parents, as well as the Behavior Instructors at my new job. I must say I owe all that to you and my time at BAC.  My director told me she was surprised how good I am at training and giving feedback as well as how smoothly I've transitioned into a supervisory role. I told her I really cannot take credit for that, but that my training at BAC was exemplary and taught me all the skills I'm employing now. Thank you for your time, patience, and willingness to teach and help all of us instructors at BAC. I really value my experience being your BCBA supervisory trainee, and I will continue to use all the things you taught me for years to come! 

Former ABA Instructor

The staff at BAC are amazing, caring, positive, upbeat, and so good at what they do. We are so thankful that our daughter was a part of such a special place. It starts from the top down.  You guys are awesome!  

BAC Parent

We spoke over the phone about possible placement for our son a couple times during January to July 2017. Even though there was no spot for our son in BAC, it was truly heartwarming that they spent the time talking to me, gave me suggestions and provided comfort when my family and I were extremely overwhelmed.  

Autism Mom

BAC did an AMAZING presentation to our 4th grade class at Hannah Senesh about Autism.  We cannot say enough wonderful things about it.  Not only did they inform the 4th graders about the realities of people with autism, but they armed them with the knowledge to feel comfortable and confident when we visit their school. We really appreciated their approach and are more excited that ever to begin our visits. The presenters, Matt and Alina, were fantastic. We are so grateful to be working together with BAC. We all are really impressed with the way BAC operates. It is a joy to work with such a well-run school and with such wonderful educators and students!


Miriam Kopelow, 4th Grade Teacher, Hannah Senesh Community Day School

I am so grateful everyday my son is in this great school!!!

BAC Parent

In other schools, my son has always been labeled 'the aggressive kid.' At the BAC, he has no label. He is just a kid in school eager to learn with teachers who are eager to teach and thrilled when he learns!

BAC parent

Brooklyn Autism Center has changed the trajectory of our daughter's life. The superior quality of the staff instruction combined with expert supervision has been able to treat my daughter’s behavioral symptoms while providing her with a loving and safe learning environment. I believe the hours my daughter spends at BAC are enriching her life in a dramatic way and giving her the fundamentals tools for a successful future. She is slowly, but consistently, becoming an active participant in the world around her. Prior to our daughter’s enrollment at BAC, we felt lost and quite helpless. BAC gives us constant support, direction and insight to understand her behaviors and how best to reach our goals and optimize her potential. We are no longer helpless. We are now empowered, active participants in our sweet girl's growth and development

BAC Parent

My first visit to BAC brought a smile to my face and happiness to my heart. The school was decorated with stimulating colors and beautiful painted grasses throughout. It was delightful to get involved.  I met the children and every one of them greeted me with a nice 'hello' and beautiful eye contact. As I watched the children, I found them engaged in their learning, loving their rewards, and all completely absorbed in their tasks.

The facility was immaculate! The employees were kind, friendly, and highly engaged in their teaching tasks. I could see the teachers' affection for the children. How wonderful it was.  I have to admit I was jealous of the state-of-the-art technology equipment being used to teach. Combining the equipment, environment, teaching, and abundance of attention to the children, anyone would want to go there and learn! I know I could use some one-on-one training in several task categories!

I found out that a big part of the curriculum is learning in the real world. 'Real' environments are the very best place to learn. I have used them with great success. The pool, the playground, and area attractions are a part of their education. How fun! Relationships with various organizations in the area provide invaluable teaching opportunities and resources and foster new relationships.  If BAC had been available 13 years ago, I would have immediately enrolled my son.  

Mary Beth Palo - Founder, Watch Me Learn

I just wanted to thank you for the amazing experience at BAC. I was beyond impressed. I know the students were also very grateful to have the opportunity. I really hope we will be able to come every semester!

Melissa Nishawala, MD