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Parental Involvement


The parents and caregivers of our students are our greatest resources and strongest partners. Our staff partners with families in school and the home to build trust, promote continuity of learning, and reinforce key strategies.

Through daily updates, clinic meetings with instructors, supervisors and the educational director, annual IEP meetings, and additional training opportunities in the home, families and staff work together to build skills across home, school, and real-world settings.
Parent communication is key to the work we do at BAC, and families receive further updates through our website, email blasts, monthly newsletter, and quarterly parent-staff meetings designed to suit their needs.

We encourage our families to participate in the school’s community through visits during morning meeting, birthday parties, field trips, fundraising activities, and summer and winter holiday celebrations. We welcome and value the observations, thoughts, ideas, and concerns of our families and use their feedback to create strong support systems for our students