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Our School Environment


Our classrooms at BAC provide individualized areas of instruction for each of our students, while also providing space to work with a group of peers. Students receive one-to-one instruction in each classroom of six to seven students and 6-7 ABA instructors. 

Each student’s work area is organized based on the individual student’s needs, with educational materials and reinforcing items and activities within easy reach. Areas are decorated with pictures of students with their families, friends, and teachers to create a comforting and engaging atmosphere.
Our sensory gym includes a rock-climbing wall, swing, treadmill, and trampolines for students to participate in physical fitness activities to emphasize strength and heart health. 
The sensory needs of our students are always taken into consideration. Our walls and rooms are painted to provide an inspiring learning environment for our students. Bulletin boards highlight special events to create an environment of community and school spirit.