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Making a Difference: Dylan's Story

Making a Difference: Dylan's Story

My son Dylan, now 15 years old, was one of the original 4 students to enroll at the Brooklyn Autism Center (BAC). Like all children with autism, Dylan is unique and has his own individual set of challenges. It was a daunting task finding the right school, and we needed a unique solution. When we found BAC, we knew we found our home.

Children like Dylan need someone looking out for them, particularly in overwhelming environments like school. Dylan is non-verbal, which means he may not be able to put into words all the things he wants to say, but he understands much more than people think he does. Navigating everyday situations can be difficult for Dylan, and he learns very differently than other children. For students with significant challenges, they need one-on-one attention from teachers and lessons tailored to their individual needs.

For children like Dylan, progress can be slow and incremental. At BAC, Dylan is learning important socialization, communication and life skills and we take great comfort in the fact that he is in a safe, caring environment.  Plus, we are part of a supportive community, and as parents we all need that.  I have learned that small victories are the focus and we celebrate each and every one.  For example, each new request that Dylan learned to communicate using an iPad has lead him to the point in his life that he can communicate most of his wants and needs.

For anyone who knows Dylan, they would tell you he's incredibly charming, funny and has one of the biggest hearts you'll ever see. He brings enormous joy and laughter to those who love him.

Every child deserves the chance to reach their full potential and BAC provides that opportunity for my son.  Please consider purchasing tickets to STAND-UPS GIVE BAC. The funds raised from this event directly impact the lives of children with autism.

Thanks for your support,
(aka Dylan's mom)