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February 2018 Newsletter

February 2018 Newsletter

For a special Valentine's Day edition of our monthly newsletter, we want give some special shout-outs to organizations and individuals who are an important part of BAC. Each in their own way have all helped to improve the lives of children with autism. Please read below and help us honor these individuals for their unique contributions to our school. 
We also want to once again take a minute to acknowledge and thank everyone who helped to make our comedy show, Stand-Ups Give BAC, a huge success!  Whether you attended the event, sponsored the show, bought a ticket for one of our amazing teachers, or made a donation to our school, your contribution was deeply felt by everyone in the BAC community.  
Thank you to everyone for helping us sustain all that is special about BAC. We hope you will continue to support our growth and impact. Contribute to our bright future today.  
Happy Valentine's Day!

Jana Levin                                                         Julie Russell

Executive Director                                              Educational Director 

Marc Hirschfeld, BAC Parent
Producer of Stand-Ups Give BAC
Our parents are the backbone of our community at BAC. Marc and his wife Liz have been dedicated supporters not only of our school but of the autism community at large. Marc has produced our annual Stand-ups Give BAC for the past 10 years. We were thrilled to honor him at last week's show in recognition of his commitment and dedication to improving the lives of children with autism. Marc's perpetual dedication to Peter and every family affected by autism is awe inspiring and the reason a school like ours exists and prevails. Thank you, Marc!

Abby Wade, Peer Volunteer
Packer Collegiate Institute

Our volunteers play an important role at our school and we are so fortunate to have amazing young high school students dedicate their time to work with our students. Abby is a shining example of what we hope to achieve with our volunteer program: a kind, self-driven, independent person who is eager to be a friend to people with autism. Over the past few years, Abby has consistently supported our students and staff, is always ready to lend a hand wherever needed, and always with a smile. We're going to miss her next year as she goes off to Emory University. We're so proud of all she's accomplished and honored to have been a stop on her journey. Thank you, Abby!

Miriam Kopelow, Teacher
Hannah Senesh Community Day School
Miriam is a 4th grade general studies teacher at the Hannah Senesh Community Day School. Throughout the last 6 years, she has collaborated closely with our staff to organize an inclusion program between our students and the fourth and fifth graders at Hannah Senesh that is mutually beneficial. We share a commitment to cultivating meaningful connections and social responsibility. Miriam is the quintessential example of a teacher who opens minds and inspires greatness. We're grateful for her dedication to spreading understanding and acceptance of autism, creating ambassadors for a more compassionate world, and for her never-ending support and friendship! Thank you, Miriam!

Barnes and Noble, Starbucks Cafe Manager
Over the past year, BAC has partnered with the Park Slope B&N for a variety of educational opportunities. This month, we'd like to give a special shout-out to one of their employees, Reggie the Cafe Manager. Reggie has been a great friend to our school, taking 17-year old Ian under his wing teaching him the barista ropes at the Starbucks cafe within B&N. We are incredibly grateful to individuals such a Reggie who help create positive vocational experiences for our students and treat them with compassion and kindness in the process. Thank you, Reggie!
Shake Shack 
Downtown Brooklyn
We are fortunate to have amazing partnerships with several businesses and organizations in our community. Over the past few years, we've established a special relationship with our nearby Shake Shack. They provide several of our students a positive introduction to the working world by allowing them internship opportunities. They show appreciation to our hard working teachers by delivering shakes and fries on Teacher Appreciation Day and ice-cream to our students during summer park days. They take an active interest in understanding autism and helping us to spread awareness. A special thanks to their Area Manager, Andrew Davis and his great team at Shake Shack for their inclusiveness and support!