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Education Curriculum

The BAC curriculum is individualized for each student in our program. 

Our goal for each student:  

To Increase the repertoire of skills each student has to meet their own potential 
To Reduce behaviors that interfere with acquisition of new skills

Utilizing Applied Behavior Analysis, instructors working one-on-one with our students create numerous opportunities across the school day for them to be engaged in meaningful interactions and then provide enthusiastic positive reinforcement for appropriate behavior. 

Student and program progress are continually assessed with a data collection system that measures performance through parameters of independence, accuracy, participation and behaviors.

Problems with attention, behavior and other factors that interfere with active learning are monitored so that appropriate adjustments can be made to educational plans to reduce or minimize interfering behaviors.

The day is broken into 45-minute sessions in which the students rotate between three to four instructors to facilitate generalization of skills across the day. Instructors become experts on engaging and teaching their assigned students and are fluent in discussing their students’ programming during team meetings.

What we teach: 

-    Verbal Behavior
-    Academics
-    Self-Care 
-    Vocational skills
-    Domestic skills
-    Community skills
-    Socialization
-    Gross Motor skills
-    Fine Motor skills
-    Independence
-    Self-monitoring 

Where we teach it:

-    In school
-    At home
-    In the community

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