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BAC's 10 Favorite Ways to Spread Autism Acceptance

Our 10 Favorite Ways to Spread Autism Acceptance


1. Learn about autism

Use resources such as the CDC, AHRC NYC, The National Autism Association, OAR, and Autism Speaks to learn facts about autism, and about interventions for individuals with autism.


2. Be a friend to someone with autism

Find common interests and build on them. If your friend with autism has an interest in Disney, you can draw Disney characters together or do Disney trivia! They will then pair and associate you with an activity they enjoy.


3. Learn how to support families affected by autism

This can mean being an open ear, or remaining calm and neutral when someone with autism may be having a difficult time around their family.


4. Raise awareness for others

 Spread the word by volunteering at a fundraiser for those affected by autism and signing petitions that give our friends with autism equal opportunities.


5. Use social media 

Share facts about autism on your social media platforms to expose your following to autism acceptance.


6. Share your story

Let people know about the times you interacted with individuals with autism and what you learned from them. Share some memories and encourage others to do the same.


7. Celebrate differences 

Rather than trying to make your friends with autism more like you, try things their way, it might be fun!


8. Stop misconceptions

 Educate yourself on common misconceptions about autism and speak up when you hear them. For example, not all individuals with autism are “savants”, and not all engage in self stimulatory behavior.


9. Understand what is hurtful to individuals with autism 

 Using certain language when discussing individuals with autism can be hurtful. For example, using the term high/low functioning places limits on individuals. Also keep in mind not to talk about an individual right in front of them. Be sure to include the individual in conversation about them, as we would want for ourselves.


10. Provide individuals with autism an equal opportunity for employment

Everyone is entitled to equal opportunity, those with autism included. Individuals with autism can benefit from visual reminders in the workplace and may even be entitled to a job coach.